Thursday 21 August 2014
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Meg Forex Company

Meg Forex company is the first Forex forecasting company with sharing system in market , three Strategies Martingale , Elliot , Gan and with Analysis people ( 32 persons Forex market experts of the best from all around the world ) and update fundamental and easy way to send signals via sms , messenger and E-mail .

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We show some live accounts in some brokers , you can login and see live accounts but this does not mean that we offer this brokers , we just show part of our performance here. and also you must know we show parts of our performance here that in some accounts user choice we trades some items , some of our users lets us we show meg performance here this is not all of meg signals our performance. With thank you from all meg company users Specifically users that lets to us show their accounts here.

best forex managed accounts



Why us ?

120-140 % return money monthly with MAM ( Meg Account manage )

Best Forex traders in meg company forecasting forex and send orders via meg forex signals

Live performance and live accounts in mam performance and signals performance

Best support and best trading signals and managed forex account in meg company


Do you want forex robot or forex ea or trade copier ?!?!?!?!

No after more than three years trading in forex,we know never trust robots in forex.Trade copier nowadays is best way to scam for scammer companies and expert advisors and robots too.robots cant understand daily fundamental news.we use hand trades in our mam ( Meg Account management ) and in meg signals users trade not robots.

  • bronze
  • Cost: $300
  • Meg Forex System Bronze Service
  • Risk Level: safe risk
  • Limit pip: 1000 pip
  • Time limit: no
  • Discount: 0.0 pip
  • Average of earn pips 3 days
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  • silver
  • Cost: $600
  • Meg Forex System Silver Service
  • Risk Level: safe risk
  • Limit pip: 2500 pip
  • Time limit: no
  • Discount: 500 pip
  • Average of earn pips 1 week
  • Click Here
  • gold
  • Cost: $900
  • Meg Forex System Gold Service
  • Risk Level: safe risk
  • Limit pip: 4000 pip
  • Time limit: no
  • Discount: 1000 pip
  • Average of earn pips 3 week
  • Click Here
  • bronze
  • Cost: $1500
  • Meg Forex System Diamond Service
  • Risk Level: safe risk
  • Limit pip: 9000 pip
  • Time limit: no
  • Discount: 4000 pip
  • Average of earn pips 3 month
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Our “Integral Flex” use a proprietary Hedge Fund Model we have developed that's been used to trade millions of dollars in client funds.

Unlike other Forex Investment firms touting exorbitant monthly best forex managed accounts returns without impressing on the client the inherent downside, our first and foremost concern is the preservation of client funds.

The high leverage required to achieve these best forex managed accounts inflated advertised returns can be a very dangerous approach. In today's economy, investors are looking for stable avenues to best make their money work for them. With the Forex market flooded with firms all too ready to tell you exactly what you want to hear, it's imperative to have realistic investment goals and choose a professional Managed Forex Money Manager with a stable direction. We feel that these are the things to look for when choosing where to invest your hard earned money.

Our trading philosophy is to protect the integrity of our clients' capital while working towards more consistent returns. Our Fully Managed Account is structured to build wealth over time using tight money management and common sense.

All our Forex Trading is done by a live trader who is stringently best forex managed accounts managing your profit and loss, looking for high probability for profit trades. No more than 3% of your account is used on any one trade and EA's are never used.

Like major Forex Money Managers with hundreds of millions under management, we know that it's much more difficult to recuperate losses than to keep our downside under control from the start. So, waiting for the market to give us safe opportunities for stable profit while using prudent money management provides a trading environment usually reserved for those with much larger accounts.

The account profit potential is 10% per month with minimal draw-down. or it's affiliates hold no client funds. Please inquire about our 10% Deposit Bonus where applicable

All Managed Account programs of The Managed Account Company provide clients with what has been missing from many investment portfolios. Each client is privy to a segregated client account at a regulated brokerage of a premier financial center.

From this account the client can view real time what is happening with their money, their exposure, P&L, margin applied to open positions etc.

The trading partner of choice has access to the best forex managed accounts client account via LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney). This enables them to trade the account. Neither the traders, nor The Managed Account Company, has access to client funds. Only the client can withdraw their capital or add a deposit to their account balance.

If the client is unhappy with the performance of the trading program, or would like to cease trading, they are able to revoke the LPOA immediately by contacting the corresponding brokerage.

Performance fees payable to The Managed Account Company and traders are best forex managed accounts charged at high water mark and paid from monthly profits by broker.

Management fees are taken as a percentage valuation monthly over the course of the year (i.e. for a 3% management fee the client will pay 0.25% of their deposit monthly)

Our programs and minimum deposit vary dependent best forex managed accounts on the managed account selected
Arabcom group is pleased to present Lebanon Forex Award 2012
a prestigious award  recognizing the industry leaders in forex.
Lebanon Forex Award 2012 categories are:

1) Best Forex Broker
2) Best Forex Education Provider
3) Best Global Trading Platform
4) Best FX Arabic Platform
5) Best Mobile Trading Platform
6) Best Dealing Room
7) Best Execution House
8) Best White Label Solution Provider
9) Most Transparent FX Broker
10) Best FX News & Analysis Provider
11) Fastest Growing FX Broker
12) Best Retail FX Provider
13) Best Institutional FX Provider
14) Best Financial best forex managed accounts Derivative Trading Provider
15) Fastest Newcomer in the Region
16) Best managed Forex Fund broker
17) Best Forex best forex managed accounts ECN Broker
18) Best FX Regulatory & Compliance Support
19) Best PAMM Provider
20) Best Global Broker

Nominees are exclusive only for Exhibitors & Sponsors of Lebanon 11th Forex, Managed Accounts & Investment Show 2012

The winners selection will be based on an online customer survey.  Voting will be completely transparent and allow industry to judge itself and celebrate the huge growth it has witnessed over the past year.

Make sure to take part of this prestigious award by simply exhibiting or sponsoring at Lebanon best money management forex:managed forex accounts review 11th Forex, Managed Accounts & Investment Show 2012.

From March 2002 THE FX CHARTS means a team of highly experienced best money management forex:managed forex accounts review forex traders and capital managers.

In the last 9 years we have expanded our managed accounts portofolio month by month, creating a powerfull and respected clients database.

For almost 7 years our main activity was managing forex accounts for private investors.

1,5 years ago we have decided to give large audience a chance to experience our services and created Our clients testimonials reflects our true dedication to them by offering the No.1 customer support and the best advisory service in forex trading.

We belive that Forex is the place for real investors only and best money management forex:managed forex accounts review that we have educated each and every one of our clients to become a responsable and better trader than it was before using our service. And more than 90% of them realised the outstanding performance that the DELUXE and DELUXE MANAGED ACCOUNT OPTIONS are offering and decided to go for it.

This PRESS RELEASE is to inform all our PREMIUM and BASIC clients that we have decided to switch back to our original service and that is providing:

ONLY 100% SUCCESS RATE TRADES - DELUXE OPTION and DELUXE best money management forex:managed forex accounts review MANAGED ACCOUNT OPTION.

Therefore, starting with 25th of november, our PREMIUM and BASIC service for regular risky trading signals are not available anymore!

You can use our service by joining the DELUXE OPTION or the best money management forex:managed forex accounts review DELUXE MANAGED ACCOUNT OPTION.

OUR PROMISE: The FX Charts will treat ANY best money management forex:managed forex accounts review client in the best way possible!

Sincerely, John McGills


forex bonus

Tired of searching for forex best money management forex:managed forex accounts review signals with good rate of profit? Do you need accurate forex charts predictions made by a team of forex traders with many years of experience in forex trading?

The forex forecast is not something that you want from people who does not know much about trading forex. They may promise you tons of pips but when you start to realise that it is a forex scam, your trading account with your forex broker is already empty.

Here you will find the best forex signals along with the most profitable forex transaction predictions and trading advices in the foreign exchange market.

We are a team of 20 traders with more than 100 years combined in the forex marketplace. Our mission is to provide 100% success rate trades and managed accounts service.

We are online for more than 1,5 year, +3000 clients and great feedback. Who promise best forex managed accounts 2010 you that you will be rich in 2 days is either telling you a lie or doesn`t know anything about forex. According to your type of account, amount of money available, preferred risk or loss, we will do our best to help you get back on the line and make daily profits. We manage beginners too and even though it`s a little bit difficult to stay with them until they understand the market, we never leave anybody alone. We DON`T give trials since we have proofs of our performance on the website and blog!

Do you think that most losing Forex traders are uninformed? It is unlikely, as there are thousands of Forex training courses out there, and millions of other Forex robots on the internet. So why do people do not make Forex profits and lose money instead? People have the perception that Forex profits are easy and that they can make millions and retire in a short period of time. The situation is exacerbated by multi-level and network marketing, and also Forex trading expert advisor software that can be bought for less than one hundred dollars.

People are being sold castles in the sky, told that there is unlimited Forex profit best forex managed accounts 2010 to be made, and given promises of riches, extravagant lifestyles, and maximum profits without any risks. Investors should ask themselves, “If a robot can make $5,000 per month, then why is it being sold for only  $100?”

Forex trading is about risks and rewards – how come there is so much emphasis on the positive rewards? Do you notice that other Forex trading robots increase the trading lot size with each winning trade or forex profits? Increased lot size will have an amplified negative effect on your Forex trading account with each losing trade. There is no such thing as a free lunch, so there is risk!

Most Forex traders  don’t follow the guidelines in their training and best forex managed accounts 2010 tend to rush toward unattainable goals in Forex profits and Forex pips. It will take 5-10 years of trading experience before positive income will occur. Most Forex traders lose all of their savings or get discouraged and quit trading within 3 years. All training courses will omit this fact as they are more interested in taking your money. It would have been better if investors had gone for Forex trading solutions using our Forex managed accounts EA using Metratrader expert advisors.

If you’re looking for Forex trading secrets in Forex managed accounts, there are no special forex forecasting secrets – set your return on trading investment at 30% per year, focus on consistent results year after year, and your risk will be low. With’s Metatrader expert advisors Forex software, you don’t have to constantly monitor the foreign currency markets and trade around the clock with little or no time left to socialize. At, we have developed five automated Forex trading proprietary software systems that give you high Forex profits on your Forex investment without the complexities involved in it. It follows 3 easy steps:

1) open an account with FXCM, or Varengold
2) subscribe to the best Forex systems at
3) sit back and relax while automated Forex trading systems accumulate Forex pips

Our mission is to find the very best traders, account managers and trading programs in the Forex industry and make them available to clients. Best FX Funds has researched over 100 of who we believe are the top experienced traders and account managers trading in the Foreign Exchange Currency market, commonly called the Forex or FX market. The specific market is the spot OTC currency exchange market.

Clients are able to utilize our research to diversify their portfolio into investments that are independent of the stock, bond or real estate markets. Even during the recent economic downturn, the Forex market has continued to thrive. We believe that risk can be properly managed by diversification. Having a portion of your portfolio in the Forex market is one way to diversify.

Within the Forex market, diversification can be achieved by utilizing several different megfxsystem  account managers at the same time. Our recommendation is do not keep all your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Spread out the risk by using several managers. Each manager uses a different strategy and trades different currency pairs. Best FX Funds has created a team of top professional traders who use sophisticated software technology to achieve consistent profitable performance.

Each trader has been tested with live funds before they are added to our team. Their megfxsystem performance is monitored and reviewed over time. If their performance level drops, they are removed from the team. All of our successful account managers use either day or swing trade strategies to achieve their results

best forex managed accounts best money management forex managed forex accounts review best forex managed accounts 2010 meg forex system megfxsystem forex forecasting

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Meg Forex company is a forex analysis and forex forecasting company ( use forex signals and mam ( Meg Account Management ) , we use meg forex strategy and use best traders all around the world.
Meg company is a international of forex trading company with registration Nu (2534896-AD-FX) with main office in London (41- 49 Wardour Street London W1D 8PY ) and two office in Canada and usa and office phone Nu (+447700019893 )
We have two performance of mam performance and signals performance with live accounts and update weekly history.

copyright @ 2006 NEC system National Exchange Company dependent U.S. registration : 2534896-AD-FX / 41- 49 Wardour Street London W1D 8PY UK ,+447700019893

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