Friday 22 August 2014
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Meg Forex Company

Meg Forex company is the first Forex forecasting company with sharing system in market , three Strategies Martingale , Elliot , Gan and with Analysis people ( 32 persons Forex market experts of the best from all around the world ) and update fundamental and easy way to send signals via sms , messenger and E-mail .

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We show some live accounts in some brokers , you can login and see live accounts but this does not mean that we offer this brokers , we just show part of our performance here. and also you must know we show parts of our performance here that in some accounts user choice we trades some items , some of our users lets us we show meg performance here this is not all of meg signals our performance. With thank you from all meg company users Specifically users that lets to us show their accounts here.

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Meg Forex company is a forex analysis and forex forecasting company ( use forex signals and mam ( Meg Account Management ) , we use meg forex strategy and use best traders all around the world.
Meg company is a international of forex trading company with registration Nu (2534896-AD-FX) with main office in London (41- 49 Wardour Street London W1D 8PY ) and two office in Canada and usa and office phone Nu (+447700019893 )
We have two performance of mam performance and signals performance with live accounts and update weekly history.

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